Wall Art Design Script In Your Home 

Wall Art Design Script In Your Home I terminated welcome back hope you guys aredoing nice and many thanks such plenty fortuning in today thus today’s video isgoing to be a DIY video so what I did mydangler build over tor video a lot of yourequested that I show you guys however Imake that design on my mirror table andalso have another DIY had to share withyou guys which may be a stunning mirroredwall decoration so if you’re interested inthis video just keep observance so i am progressing to be using thusme leftoverplywood as my base simply to form surethat it lasts longer so I went ahead andI placed my mirror on prime of my plywoodyou can build this as big as you want oryou can just make it as small as youwant it’s very a private preferenceand i’m really making

Wall Art Design Script In Your Home hold it in situ rather86-thousand driesso i’m simply gonna act and repeatthat for all of my picture frame thenext step is nonobligatory i decided to addanother design on prime of my previousdesign and i extremely dear it all I didwas I took an image frame and that i flippedit to form a design and i hot glued itdown next I adscititious my greenback Tree LEDcandle with thereforeme hot glue and also theStoli dazzled brooch that I have andthis step also is facultative however I reallylike it it looks very nice and here isthe ending of the first DIY Ithink it turned out thus lovely I lovethe color it is just thus completely different and Ilove the approach this clad so let meknow what you guys trust this DIYin the comment section down below soonto the second DIY i’m using thistable mirror table that I got fromTarget and that we square measure getting to create ourdesign on here that the mirror – pictureframe that i am using is basically reallyhard to

make mysofa and my chair eachthing when peoplewalk in i wish them to feel this OH sheknows what she's doing from a designstandpoint I MEan in the beginning thatwas very my mental attitude hoping that therewould be thereforeme style of stamp of approvalthat felt fleeting and it felt likeevery we tend toek i was on to one thing elsebut ne'er fully glad wherever now I'mlike home is simply being there a placewhere once chip walks within the door thatthere's a place that we've sculpted outjust for pa and therefore for the childrenwhether it's dinner being within the gardenjust being together that is home to usnow I bear in mind after I 1st begined theblog I had this little tagline it had beenthe Magnolia mamma home it is your spaceown it so now i believe it's more regardinghome it is your story villein it's nolonger regarding the thought of excellent spacesexpectations and rules it's your storyand we wish to know your story once Ifirst started realizing that Joe had areal gift it absolutely was really timely in hershop over on Bosque so we tend to had thislittle tiny building and Joe startedfilling this small search with all theknickknacks decor items yea and when Isaw those thosecustomers extremely start creating thoseconnections with Joe i realized that shehad a true gift for this we tend to started outthinking that this show was

this home originally had a awfully modernfeel to it but it had been also superoutdated a number of the weather that we have a tendency toadded was the stacked rock the samestuff we tend to did on the outside we tend toincorporated on the within on thisfireplace that we engineered another one ofmy favorite things during this space was thefact that we rewrapped all the beams allthe trim work and even this amazingwindow now what my consumer scorned the mostabout the house that was a superoutdated funky window is now i believe thecoolest feature concerning this home if youwalk over here you see that each one thisfeels a touch a lot of currently incorporatedwhere before it felt really computer and kindof closed off thus what we all over up doingis just projected the living space herethat extremely disclose to the entry inthis really cool new fireplace but italso opens up now into this

on the shelves therefore thatthese really stuck out and thus withthat darker stain as you see we have a tendency to'veincorporated that on alternative elements andthe alternative spacesI really love this project as a result of itwas thus different than most of theprojects that we have a tendency to get to do we had acouple WHO extremely wished a modern houseone of my favorite factors about theentire project is the plaster that wegot to do on the wall typically you knowyou do the standard drywall however insteadwe wished to essentially set it apart so we tend todid plaster on the walls in this mainspace and even on this hearth weadded a really fun feature to that anothercool thing that i really love is thiswhole slippy unit along this back sidethe reason why the shoppers bought thishouse was due to the surface area and sowe really needed to require advantage ofthe read and that we think this slider reallymakes an enormous impact on simply the overallfeel and design of the house anotherthing i like is the room i reallylove how it's open it's feels like it'stwice the size however all we had to try to to wasjust open it up on all sides add thewindows here and now it just makes itfeel such a lot bigger it makes it feellight and i love all the open shelvingin here we determined to do to the blackcabinets I really needed a powerful baseand I wanted a very pretty contrastwith the floors and also the cupboards we

alsocarried on the texture in this housewith the plaster on the walls here togive it a extremely clean simple look oneof my favorite elements concerning the entirespace is that this peek through that you simply havewith the wood therefore i feel the balance ofthe wood with the plaster very offersa really cool design element that Ithink sets this whole project apart what i love regarding the yielding projectis this living roomwell I said it had a touch moremasculine feeling here i really thinkthe kitchen includes a more feminine style thusI wished to bring balance to each spacessince they are open to one another one ofthe biggest reasons why I wanted to dothe beams and here is as a result of I wishedto separate the space I wanted this toreally feel distinct and warm and cozyyou understand originally it absolutely was dated it wasdark now it's really lightweight and airywe've got 2 French doors that we have a tendency toinstalled and right in the middle isthis beautiful stucco fireplace with areally simple elegant chimneypiece and what Ilove concerning this can be the wood components tieinto this antique door we ended upsanding it down there were five layersof paint on itthe door ties into the beams so there'sa lot of


wood parts that mix reallywell with all the sunshine and naturalcolors that we tend tore going on in the kitchen you apprehend we're in the business of homethat's what we've in serious trouble nearly 15years whether or not or not it's flipping homes forpeople to buy them to form home forthemselves or renovating or perhaps simply atthe market this whole business of homeis one thing we take very personally wedon't take it lightlyhome is honestly the foremost importantplace on earth once I suppose wheremy family is wherever my adult female is whereverthose knuckleheaded dogs ar that's hometo me homes where the goats are I likethe ring but that you just know I don'treally care about the bits and pieces Idon't really want the four car garagehome on behalf of me is where joy it is justbecause that's where my heart's at forthe initial maybe ten years of ourmarriage we've been in so many differenthomes therefore I've had to find out what home iswhat used to be American state I've need to






this entireunit to be a superbly built piecethat didn't just scream TV but alsoscreamed character and extremely warmed upthe area there's a perfect balance ofold and new and this now isn't the mainfocus these doors really steal the showthis lounge is really pretty nowit's updated it's contemporary and clean and Ican't watch for my purchasers to visualize it sooriginally this front room was verydarkthe ceilings felt extremely low there waspopcorn ceilings there have been dark woodbeams up here thus once you walked in itfelt like everything was returning in atyou my job here is to essentially open up thespace and build plenty more lighting sothat simply felt larger we have a tendency to extra thesereally pretty French doors and we additionalthe recessed lighting and so with allthe beams and also the wood parts on theceiling we complete up painting it white soit value-added some dimension however it didn'ttake aloof from the overall feel of thespace one in all the things i really wantedto concentrate on from a detail standpointit's just this hearth originally theyhad the dated brick I wanted to tie inthis pink color with what we've goingon within the island so it really helpsbring these 2 rooms together however thenI wanted a little bit additional interest withthe natural components really tone thecolor down and that is wherever I brought inthe woods so we did the thin lap weended up going vertical with it and thenwe added these floating shelves I wantedto play with the stain so I did alighter stain on the skinny lap and thena darker stain



really impressed uswith other thing we can't produce acompany in metropolis Lone-Star State that serviceseverybody's renovation round the worldbut we will create products that they cantake and implement their renovations allover the world I've tried to be verystrategic with these collections thatbecause i actually want these to be a wayof speech here you'll do that with thefurniture the rugs wallpaper paintwhatever it should be these are tools thathopefully encourage you and inspire youto take that next step but you knowearly on for us one amongst my biggestmistakes i would make nearly on every jobwas paint and that would be the mostcostly mistakeI remember just one occasion I painted our houseI really thought it was gonna be a lighttan howevertercream you known as itbuttercream was the goal but I looked atthe piece of material and i bear in mind holding it outthere going I call the painter executethe buttercream execute the buttercreamwe're going on vacation we're occurring athree day vacation I bear in mind this weget home 3 days later and you haveneighbours standing outside by goinglike this to truly on the on thepaint chip it says yellow it did not knowshe thought that same buttercream it waslike highlighter yellow and i remembersitting there crying it value Text2

regardingconstruction and it's really turnedinto a great deal more than that it's turnedout to be a show about love a show aboutfamily a show about your home before allof this happened we have a tendency to had to look eachother within the eye and say World Health Organization area unit we tend to andwho square measure we gonna be once this is often allover for us it absolutely was we want to like eachother we want to like we have a tendency toll our fourbabies our biggest priority and we have a tendency to wantto benefit work that matters within the endwe want to seem back and say we did itwe stayed true to those through thingsI'd say the quantity one question we getasked is are you able to and chip come back help uswith our home and it's funny firstseason I looked into like hon how's itfor a quest we might get all theseemails and he'd print them out and sayteam how will we move to Fort LauderdaleI'm like chip return on you know we're nota news heart was very i would like to helppeople they have help i would like to travel andhelp him we went to mihaylo one to me itwas simply twenty eight miles if they think that I'mgood it calls it Mexia so felt likeit was reasonably like reaching to anothercountry we have four kidswe can't head to New island no however but Ithink that is what

walkwaywhat's nice regarding this can be we have a tendency to supplementalthese French doors that currently get you tothe curtilage from here it very opens aspace that brings in a lot of natural lightwe also added this fun built-in deskthat has the cool concrete countertopsthe floating shelves the cork board withsome wallpaper on prime simply plenty of funelements during this corner to make it morepurposeful and practical however it stillhas loads of room and space in here thereforethat once you're walking from the livingto the room it doesn't feel socramped in this main lebensraum it was alreadyopen it simply required many cosmeticupdates one amongst the items I wanted totackle first with this massive fireplacemy client loves balance and she or he alsoloves extremely clean and simple areas sowhat we all over up doing up here waspainting the brick white to allow it areally clean crisp look we have a tendency to additionally addedthis mantle which spans the whole spaceit creates balance however also brings out alittle more depth and dimensionoriginally the entry was dated thestairwell and even the pane just hada extremely worn look to that so we updatedthe railing we have a tendency to painted the paneling witha fresh coat of white paint and now itlooks clean and easy one amongst the thingsI love the most regarding this living roomis this in-built unit that weincorporated i really needed

Wall Art Design Script In Your Home 

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