Patch The Cracked Wall in Your House

Cracked Wall At Brick
A cracked wall in the brick is caused by an earthquake that causes the home foundation to shake. Such cracks cause the brick to break and cause cracks in stucco and acian. The cracks that occur are usually perpendicular to the length or sideways. The crack gap will be wider if the building moves again

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How to overcome the crack wall caused by the brick structure and the movement of the foundation are as follows.

Make a small gap between the wall and the top beam to reduce the pressure. Next fill the gap with rubber or styrofoam. To disguise the chopstick gap, you can cover it with wood trim or gypsum.
Then open the cracks on the wall one centimeter wide to the brick. Make a sand cement mixture with a ratio of 1: 5 to cover the cracks on the wall until it’s full and neat. Allow to dry for approximately three days.
After drying, trim the gap that has been filled with plaster with a white acian. After drying, dry the walls with plamir and ready to paint again.

If there is movement on the foundation due to the earthquake and cracks occur, only the plaster and acian parts only. You still need to check it out. Do cracks to make broken bricks. If cracks only occur in the Acian, this indicates that your building structure is strong enough. The way to repair this crack is the same as the previous method. Open the cracks of one centimeter to the brick and patch them with a mixture of sand cement with a ratio of 1: 5

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