How to Clean an Oily Kitchen

Cleaning dirt that comes from splashing oil is not as easy as cleaning ordinary dirty stains. Because this spark can stick not only to places that are easily visible, but hidden places at once. The place can be in the form of kitchen wall coverings, tables, cabinets, doors and so on. Cleaning oil stains will not easily disappear with just a wash of water. To clean it, you need a way to clean the right oily kitchen. Do you want to know how? The following is the answer, see!

How to Clean an Oily Kitchen
How to Clean an Oily Kitchen

Absorbing existing oil The oil in the kitchen can spread to various directions. If you have seen the oil, immediately absorb the oil. The trick is to use ordinary tissue. If there is no tissue at home, you can also absorb this oil with the help of newsprint. However, this method is not effective to use on oil that is scattered on the floor, because it can actually waste newspaper and tissue. Use this method to remove small oil stains.

Sowing salt may be used as a flavoring in food, but it turns out that this material can also be used to remove oil stains in the kitchen. How to? Namely by sprinkling enough salt and flour on the slippery floor surface. Wait a few moments and let the salt and flour absorb the remaining oil. After that, you can clean the remaining flour and salt by sweeping it.

Using dishwashing liquid Dishwashing liquid is known to be powerful for cleaning various kinds of stains, including oil stains. For practical steps to clean your house’s oily kitchen, this liquid can be a solution. The step you need to do is to put one teaspoon of dish soap into a solution of warm water. Stir both until evenly distributed, then wipe the oily surface of the floor with a soft sponge. After that, rinse again using a base cloth that has been dipped in warm water. With the help of this warm water, oil stains will easily be lifted.

Oily mopping is a routine activity carried out every day, including in the kitchen. If you diligently clean and mop your kitchen, oil stains will disappear easily. Because the floor mop liquid also has a good ability to remove stains, including oil stains.

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