Good Lighting Tips for Bedrooms in Your Home

The bedroom of course must be designed comfortably for the room owner or anyone else in it. One of the main spaces in this house has various elements in it that can affect moods. One of them is the lighting element. When going to sleep, of course lighting needs to be set slightly dim so that the room is more comfortable to rest. But when the lighting is too dark, other activities carried out in this room can be disrupted. So from that distance between lights with various zones in space need to be considered. Not only that, the color of the lights and the intensity of light also need to be adjusted to the bedroom. Here are some tips for designing lighting in your bedroom.

Good Lighting Tips for Bedrooms in Your Home
Good Lighting Tips for Bedrooms in Your Home

Lamp size
Before buying lighting lamps for the bedroom, it is very important that you measure the size of the room. This is because it will affect the type of lamp that can be used in space and the distance of lighting. Choose lights that can protect the entire space in certain zones. Of course if you go to a lighting showroom, the experts will help you to find the right lighting.

Space height
Still related to the size of the lamp, the height of the space will affect lighting. When the ceiling is too high, the lamp used can be a chandelier to reach various other areas in the room. The lighting height will also be different in each zone in need. As in the study desk lamp, it will focus on books and all kinds of items on the table. While in the dressing area, the headlights from the front to the face will be better so they can make themselves better dressed.

Let the room light up
Determine your main activity in the room. Prioritize lighting with activities that are most often done in rooms. Areas with activities that require details such as playing computer, sewing, or reading require direct lighting. Whereas in the leisure area, lighting can be done by reflecting light so that it indirectly illuminates the area gently.

On the bright side
Avoid light bulbs that cover the lighting. Although the shape of the lamp is unique and interesting, it certainly must be considered well. Do not let the unique light bulb make the lighting in the room feel dark. This applies to the main lighting of the room. But if for a reading table lamp or learn to pay attention to the spread of light produced so that it feels soft when looking and reading a book.

Location of lights
You need to know that room lighting should not be directly on the bed. Because you will continue to stare at the lights if you are lying down and make it hard for you to rest.

Use enough light
The lighting in the room is enough with a ceiling mounted lamp and a portable lamp in the form of a table lamp. If too many lighting sources will certainly make the room feel uncomfortable and too flashy.

Adjust the mood of the room
The ambience of strong lighting will also have a big effect on the bedroom. Add a dimmer to the room lamp. A colored light bulb will certainly be able to change the mood of the room.

Add lighting to the closet clothes
The closet or wardrobe area needs lighting as well. Lighting experts prefer to use fluorescent lamps because of the intensity of lighting that is large, energy efficient, and can be placed behind the door. The right lighting in the closet will make it easier for you to recognize the color of your clothes.

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