4 Colors Paint Home Walls Can Relieve Stress

Activities that are undertaken daily do not often make us feel very tired, stressed and depressed. Moreover, if in carrying out these activities there are many problems that need to be resolved. Starting from problems with work, family problems or financial problems. And while at home, this will actually make the mind more stressful and depressed.

According to the study, there are many ways we can do to deal with stress problems. Launching from page boldsky.com, one way that can be done to relieve stress is to choose the right color of wall paint for our home. Studies conducted by experts at Minnesota State University revealed there are several colors of wall paint that are useful to relieve stress. What color?

4 Colors Paint Home Walls Can Relieve Stress
4 Colors Paint Home Walls Can Relieve Stress

Colors that can calm the mind and relieve the first stress are gray. This color can make the room look calm, comfortable and impressive. Light gray will also make the atmosphere of the room feel wider and more spacious. This color is also neutral so that it can be combined with a variety of simple but impressive furniture.

The next wall paint color is blue. This color can make the mind more calm, patient and comfortable. Based on feng shuy, blue can reduce blood pressure and reduce anxiety. This color can also make the brain work better. Use bright blue that gives the impression of being neutral, comfortable, soft and attractive so that the atmosphere of the house is more soothing.

Dusty Pink
Dusty pink color will give peace, softness and comfort to the heart and mind. Choose this color if you want to have a comfortable home atmosphere, reduce the risk of stress and depression and give a sweet impression. Choose a soft pink dusty color to make the home atmosphere more soothing.

Lavender gives the impression of being soft and peaceful. It also gives a sweet and pleasant and calming impression. If you want to have a home with a comfortable atmosphere, use lavender color paint. No need to paint the entire wall of the house in lavender, you can use this color on the main wall and combine it with white, dusty pink or ivory yellow.

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