How to Protect Homes From Thieves

You have put your heart, soul, and lots of investment into renovating a house. The thing you don’t want most is someone who enters and robs a house. Home intruders are very scary even in mind, but spending a few minutes to recognize and improve your vulnerable home can help reduce risk. Here are nine things that can make your home not attractive to thieves.

Beautifying the front door Your front door is the first place that thieves see. The front door that looks broken makes your house an easy target. If the door is clean and well painted, it will give the impression that the whole house is well maintained and difficult to break through.

Adding a padlock The thief will adjust what type of key they must use to enter the house. When they see homeowners using only standard cylinder locks, it is more likely for them to enter than if there is more lock. In short, a double lock makes your door physically more difficult to penetrate. In addition, your home also becomes less attractive to thieves.

Get rid of junk boxes, paper, plastic and bags like advertisements for thieves to take valuables inside your house. Prevent thieves from getting excited by getting rid of your new flat screen TV box.

Dark exterior Thieves don’t like to take risks easily seen by others. So, when you add light around the house, especially using active motion sensors and basic exterior lights, you have made a barrier around the house. Give special attention to vulnerable areas such as the front and rear doors, and footpaths.

Laying plants When planted under windows, bushes are not only beautiful, but they also become a barrier for thieves to climb into the window. Thieves can also be blocked by several types of green plants that have thorns or with a loud snapping sound. For trees that reach the second floor window, make sure to clean the lower branches regularly so they cannot function as stairs.

Empty the mailbox A pile of letters is a sign that you are out of town and your house is in top condition for robbery. If you are going to leave for a while, ask your neighbors to take your shipment.

Interior that is not visible from the outside You definitely don’t want the thief to peek at all the things you have inside the house. Closing the curtain and placing a giant plant in front of a window facing the street can keep unwanted eyes from entering the house.

Installing an alarm Installing an alarm does not cost a lot of money. However, if you install a quality alarm system, you can prevent large thieves, especially if you live in an environment with high crime rates. Do a number of studies and select a leading alarm company. Thieves usually know the signs of a bad and fake alarm system. Also consider high-tech options, such as an alarm with a camera that allows you to monitor your home from anywhere, or a panic button to prevent you from being attacked while at home.

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