Overcome and patch roof tiles

Leaking roof tiles is one of the problems people usually experience in the rainy season like now. Leaky tiles certainly make residents of the house feel uncomfortable and disrupted their activities, besides, water droplets due to leaking roof tiles can damage furniture at home, leaks can also damage the condition of the house you live in.

Before the entire occupant of the house is annoyed and becomes uncomfortable because of the problem of leaky tile, you should immediately repair the leaky tile at home, in an easy and practical way as follows:

Overcome and patch roof tiles
Overcome and patch roof tiles

Using white cement
Aside from being one of the materials for building a house, cement can also be used to patch leaky tiles due to cracks in your house, and the cement chosen is white cement which has better adhesive power than ordinary cement.

Prepare the necessary equipment, among others, white cement, used cans for containers, sandpaper, scrap, and water. Then mix the white cement with water according to the instructions for use on the package into a tin container, then stir it evenly. After that, first clean the tile that will be patched with sandpaper, after cleaning, apply the cement mixture to cover the cracks or cracks in the leaky tile. Patching roof tiles using white cement can last up to 2-3 years.

Using Styrofoam
When you buy electronic goods, Styrofoam on packaging is usually immediately discarded because it is considered useless, but actually Styrofoam can be used to patch leaks on tiles in your home. Prepare the necessary equipment, among others, styrofoam, used cans for containers, sandpaper, brushes, and gasoline. Cut Styrofoam into small pieces and then put it in a tin container, then pour enough gasoline (the gasoline serves to dissolve Styrofoam into a thick liquid), and stir until evenly distributed. Prepare a tile that will be patched by first cleaning it with sandpaper. After that apply with a Styrofoam liquid brush on the surface of the tile that is cracked or leaky, then let it dry. Patching roof tiles using Styrofoam which has been melted can last up to 6 months, and if cracks appear again repeat the same way.

Using waterproof / leak-proof coating paint
The use of waterproof is the most widely chosen way to overcome leaky roof tiles at home. Nowadays people prefer to use waterproof, apart from being affordable, easier and more practical (just use the rules on the packaging), also because they can last up to 5 years.

Rearranging and changing tiles
The problem of a leaky roof is not only caused by a cracked tile, there are times when roof tiles leak because the tile position shifts due to strong winds, and the solution is to fix the position of the sliding tile back to its original position, but if there are broken tiles, of course must be replaced with new tile so that the leakage does not continue. Ways to patch roofs using white cement, styrofoam, or waterproof can only be applied to tiles with only small cracks, holes or leaks, if the crack holes that cause leaks are large enough, the most effective way is to replace tiles with new ones.

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