Make a Simple Wooden Fence for Your Own Home

Installing a fence at home, if done properly can support the beauty of the house. Your home will look more charming, elegant and beautiful if you are able to choose the right fence design, tailored to the conditions of your home.

One of the most popular fence making materials is wood. Lately, the use of wood as a material for making home fences is a trend among minimalist homeowners.

Wooden fences are considered to have artistic value and look more elegant, compared to concrete fences or iron fences. Even though it is said to be a wooden fence, most homeowners with wooden fences do not use wood as material for making fences. The use of iron or a combination of concrete and bricks is also commonly used to add value to the arts, strength and simplify adjustments to the design of the house.

Make a Simple Wooden Fence for Your Own Home
Make a Simple Wooden Fence for Your Own Home

Wood Fence Design Ideas and Inspirations
Wooden fences are more likely to be viewed beautifully. The friendly and elegant impression is more visible if the house is lined with the main ingredients of wood.

Enis the Best Wood for Fence
Then, what kind of wood is the best for the fence?

Most people recommend Ulin wood, if we want to make a wooden fence.

Ulin Wood (Eusideroxylon zwageri) or commonly called ironwood is one of the most famous and strongest woods in the Borneo forest habitat. There are several names for Ulin, including bulian, bulian rambai, onglen (South Sumatra), belian, tabulin, telian, tulian and ulin

Ironwood was chosen because of its reputation.

Ulin is a type of wood that is strong and “not spoiled”, has a strong and hard wood texture (with strong class I and durable class I, specific gravity 1.04).
Ironwood is resistant to weather and does not require extra care.
Long lasting (not easy to rot, waterproof, or resistant to termites or other insects). So that it can last up to hundreds of years. This of course can save costs.
On the contrary, the more hit the water, the ironwood will get stronger.
Because of its durability, it is natural to say that ulin wood is the all-time wood and excellent wood. Another unique characteristic of this wood is that it is very difficult to nail and be sawed but is easily cleaved.

Merbau wood
Apart from ironwood, there is also Merbau wood as an alternative to fence-making wood. Merbau wood is one type of wood that is quite hard and stable as an alternative. This wood includes wood with the First, Second and Strong Class I, II Classes. Merbau wood is proven to be resistant to insects. It has a reddish brown color and is sometimes accompanied by yellow highlights.

Merbau wood is usually finished with dark / old melamine. Merbau has a broken line fiber texture. Merbau trees include tropical rainforest trees. Make a Simple Wooden Fence for Your Own Home

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