7 Feng Shui Wall Paint Colors Bring Happiness

The use of fengshui in property or homes to bring fortune is certainly not new anymore. Many elements of the house can be explored from the perspective of fengshui that is useful for the residents, including the color of the paint on your house. Well, wondering how the color of wall paint will affect your luck later? see 7 Feng Shui Wall Paint Colors Bring Happiness

7 Feng Shui Wall Paint Colors Bring Happiness
7 Feng Shui Wall Paint Colors Bring Happiness
  • Paint the Yellow Wall: Bright, Happy & Developing
    The color of wall paint that is identical to sunlight is indeed not far from the positive things that are spread. Yellow wall paint has an effect that can brighten the atmosphere, both for office space and home.
    You can also enjoy the comfort of the yellow wall paint to invite happy and cheerful energy, both in the kitchen and in your child’s room. Both the color of the bright yellow wall paint and calm, yellow wall paint color may be presented on one side of the room to create a balance that is more comfortable in the eye.
  • Red: Romance, Passion & Courage
    What does luck in finance mean if it is not accompanied by the presence of love in our lives? Well, this function is red wall paint that represents fire energy for happiness, passion and enthusiasm that is said to have something to do with our sexual world.

  • Red is also a symbol of luck and happiness in terms of feng shui. In fact, the world community has also acknowledged the romantic effect of red wall paint, even from the East to the West. Apply red house interior paint in the main bedroom to the romance luck that stays on.
  • Green: Health & Renewal
    Green as wall paint is a symbol of wood elements which means renewal, freshness and regeneration. The room that uses green wall paint is also believed to have a good influence on health with natural healing benefits.
    If you are interested in using green wall paint in one of the rooms of the house, try applying a number of different green colors on the wall paint so that the atmosphere is more alive and the effect of the energy that is raised is more optimal, for example in a child’s room.
  • Orange: Openness, Optimism & Relationship
    Humans are social creatures that cannot be separated from the presence of other individuals in their lives. This orange wall paint can symbolize a “social” life that is harmonious and full of joy.
    Suitable for family room or living room, orange wall paint color can also be an alternative of red which is too dominant for some people. With orange wall paint, the relationship between people is believed to be more lasting.
  • White: New Beginnings are Full of Freshness
    The color of the white wall paint is part of the metal element which means purity and innocence. White is also a color that can absorb or accommodate other colors, so it’s not surprising if often people like and are satisfied using white as the color of the house paint.
  • Blue: Peaceful, Calm & Peaceful
    One of the most favored colors from the point of view of feng shui houses, blue as wall paint can be present in a variety of tones – ranging from dark sea blue to cool and soft sky blue. All blue colors in wall paint means that we hope that our household continues to walk peacefully and not be disturbed by a negative aura that is harmful.
    According to feng shui, blue as wall paint or home decor elements are also suggested to be present in several wind direction at home, namely East for health, Southeast for financial and North for career.
  • Gray: Clean & Neutral
    Many consider gray to be a boring color or vice versa, elegant. In terms of fengshui, gray wall paint brings beautiful energy to the room in the house, as long as you know how to use it. Gray as wall paint in the house can be presented in the West to foster creativity and the North for career advancement.
  • Chocolate – Strong, Stable and Sturdy
    More and more people like to use chocolate as a wall paint that looks beautiful and stunning. No wonder, because the color of wall paint is indeed easy to mix and match with furniture, brown feng shui also has a good positive meaning for luck.

Present brown wall paint (both old and young) in the direction of the East wind for health, Southeast to strengthen financially and South for popularity.

Well, after finding out the house paint options above, with a choice of 7 Wall Paint Feng Shui Brings Happiness according to your taste

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